The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part XV

Eric Stern, playing ‘Jack’ knocked off work at ten twenty,  when old Mr. Perkins came, explaining why he was late.

‘Jack’ didn’t chew him out, and could see it was appreciated.

Eric walked to his room, suppressing the impulse to whistle a tune as he thought  about his day. Seeing the box of hair dye he smiled.

Why not?

He decided on a few streaks, see how that went. He had to stay up until midnight until his hair dried but liked the clever highlights. He looked younger and better. In fact, with his tanned skin, bright short beard and longish hair he looked at least five years younger. In the morning he reached the lake front at eight.

“I wondered if you were coming.” Sandy said brightly, looking better than she had yesterday. She wore a deep pink two piece bathing suit which suited her golden skin and hair

.She admired his streaks.”I should of had patience,” Sandy decided, “instead of going blond all at once.”

“I’ll probably add another streak tomorrow.” He replied

.Then Tony came up.”Mr. Morgan, will you bring your car over? I want to work on it as soon as possible.

“”Sure. Right after breakfast.” Jack replied.

“It’d be better if I had it now so that I can do it before my boss comes in.”

“Okay, where’s the garage?”

“It’s right across the road.” Sandy contributed. “We can drive over and walk back.”

He liked the ‘we’.He and Sandy drove across, walked back, to the restaurant as if it were the usual thing.

It became the usual thing.


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Written by jaylar

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