Odd Email

It doesn’t happen a lot, occasionally I get an odd email that makes me stop dead in my tracks and wonder just who I am. (You would think I would know that by now right?) Apparently I am very much a work in progress and have some boundaries and in other areas very few boundaries.

The email simply said “When did you become a content creator?” “So much spam.” I didn’t recognize the source of the email. It was clearly a name I didn’t recognize, although the tone sounded familiar. So then I began to ponder the definition of spam. (My husband eats it, and I assume that was not what the mystery person was referring to.) As is my custom, I decided to seek out a proper definition. Here is what I found.

“irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients”

” disruptive online messages, especially commercial messages posted on a computer network or sent as email”

I only email people I know from my personal email and I am never selling anything. So my next step was content creator.

I couldn’t really find a “definition”. So I am left to my own thoughts. Do I create content? I keep a detailed daily journal. I read and review many things. I teach and take a lot of classes that require work that might be considered content.

I decided to reply to the odd comment from who knows where. “I began creating content when I colored and made pictures as a child. My husband eats spam and quite enjoys it.”

Was that what the sender may have wanted?


What do you think?


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