Nothing beats a try..

Oh yeah you can try and try again. I had to take a chance on a new site recently. I worked my poor self too hard. The rewards were worth it but I have decided that after I reach payout I am leaving the site. If I am going to try my hand at earning online. I don’t want to lose my sanity doing it. I was a stressed to the point of almost breaking down. There is nothing worth that kind of mental break.

I chose to take the night off and revisit the option of going back in a day or two. I know it would just be my wish to make it to the $75 cash out. I earned $37 so far and that is too much to let go. Knowing me as well as I do I am almost sure I will make payout even if I need two days off the site.


What do you think?


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  1. I agree with you. Money yes but not at the cost of one’s mental health Here you will earn too but you must be active Just keep commenting on posts of others as much as you can and also write your own posts.


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