Not The Usual Story – 9

I spent one of the happiest time of my life hopping around New York City with Bryan.

There was not a second of discord, as we enjoyed the same things. There was no concessions or compromise because we wanted to go to the same places, view the same exhibits.

Two days were far too short to see all we wanted, do all we wanted, and we had been discussing doing it again as we were driving home.

In the midst of this discussion he blurted;

“I wish you were a man!”

“Pardon?” I jerked.

He fell silent, switched on the radio.

Because I’m older, wiser, I knew not to leave the silence, so began to discuss the Van Gogh we had seen which allowed Bryan to click back on.

We arrived home, put our things away, I made coffee and we sat watching an old movie, then to our respective rooms, reminding each other about work related tasks.


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Written by jaylar

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