Not The Usual Story – 5

When Bryan came ‘home’ on Sunday night, I was wise enough, and old enough not to say anything. I didn’t  mention that he ought have called. I acted as if I assumed he would be gone for the weekend, when the opposite was true.

What hurt was that I had cleared my calendar, had postponed work, thinking we would have a lovely two days. Instead, I got one of the  loneliest weekends of my life.

I rightly blamed myself.

Recognising Bryan would be a Monday to Friday afternoon presence, I decided to use some of my bonuses and raises and the money my kids were counting on when I died, to give myself weekends away.

I booked into one of these spas beginning on Friday at five p.m. until Sunday at three p.m. I left the brochures scattered about the house as an alert.

I was packed and ready from Thursday night as I would leave for lunch at about noon and not come back.

Bryan gave me all sorts of advice which I accepted as a starving child getting bread crumbs. I can’t repeat what he said, because I wasn’t really listening.

I left work as I planned on Friday, drove up, booked into the Spa and put myself into the hands of the staff imagining a happy,, relaxing and beautifying weekend.


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