My Goals for March

I haven’t been sticking to my goals lately. I really need to get back into doing that. I haven’t been feeling well, mentally or physically. I need to start doing what I plan to do, whether I really feel like it or not. It’s good for me to stick to my goals and my routine.

I have a new goal, which is to save up enough in online earnings to get a subscription to Wordtracker. I want to start getting more traffic to my articles on HubPages. So far, traffic is dismal. One of my articles, though, has made it to the first page in Google search, which is nice. So I will need $27 for the subscription. I already have some of that in my PayPal account, so I might make it by the end of March. I will try.

For March I will be focusing on MyLot and Virily. The payout threshhold for HubPages is to high for me to reach it this month. I can see reaching payout for the other two a lot more quickly. And I only need a little bit, so it won’t be that hard. Normally I am not focused on money for my writing, but I am curious about keyword research, and getting more traffic to my articles.

I am going to try to do a quiz every day for Virily. That’s what I have the most fun doing. I may also focus on creating polls.


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