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Mother Teresa the saint – Series of Famous People 18-01-2018

Today I decided to post the advice of this great woman. There is a lot of wisdom and messages in them. I hope you read them.

Mother Teresa, an Indian nun from Albanian origin, born in Skopje in 1910, founded the Order of Mercy Missionaries and became a symbol of the endless and unreserved love for the neighbor. In 2003, Pope John Paul II declared Mother Teresa blissful.

Let us draw inspiration from her covenants. Who knows, maybe tomorrow we will wake up better and with more light in the soul …

1. For the present: Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet arrived. We have only today. Let’s start…

2. About the important things: Many people want to do big things. But few are the ones who will do the little things.

3. For help: You do not have to try to help everyone. It’s enough just to help the person with you.

4. For the smile: Smile at each other. Smile at your husband, your child … Smile! It does not matter who the man is before you! I will never be able to explain the enormous power that carries a smile … Whenever you smile, you make an invaluable gift to the man.

5. For acceptance: Learn to accept people. Do not judge them.

6. For success: When you have success, you win false friends and real enemies. But be successful.

7. For the discipline: The discipline is the bridge between the goal and its achievement.

8. For happiness: There is no key to happiness. The door to it is always open.

9. For the moment: Rejoice in the moment. This is all you need to be truly happy.

10. About the change: I can not change the world myself. But I can throw a pebble in the water and form ripples.

11. For the family: Do you want to make the world nicer and more relaxed? Then start with your family.

12. For communication: Make sure everyone who comes to you gets smoother, happier, happier. It brings love to yourself.

13. For friendship: Do not expect your friend to be the perfect person. Help him become a perfect person.

14. For thanksgiving: The good thing you do will be forgotten. But nevertheless, it does good.

15. For the meaning: When the end of your earthly road comes, your life will not be appreciated by how many diplomas you have taken and how much money you have earned, and how many people you have helped.

16. For love: Love begins with the care of your closest people, your family. And do not forget: we think love is a feeling, but it is an action; we think that love must be earned, but everyone deserves love; we think we have to love when they love us, but love is not measured with what it gets in return – love is just given; we think the opposite of love is hatred, but in fact it’s the fear …

17. For the pain: I found the following paradox – if you love it while it hurts, at one point only the love remains, the pain disappears …

18. For patience: Without patience we will learn less of life. We will see less. We will feel less. We will hear less. It’s ironic, but the more we rush and the more we take, the less we have …

19. About the Faith: When you are God alone, you have more than enough to start over.

20. For Life: Life is an opportunity – take advantage of it.Life is beauty – enjoy it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a challenge – welcome it. Life is an obligation – fulfill it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a promise – keep it. Life is sadness – overcome it .Life is a song – sing it .Life is a struggle – accept it Life is a tragedy – oppose it. Life is an adventure – live it. Life is luck – believe it. Life is too valuable – do not destroy it. Life is life – fight for it.

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  1. thank you for this wise mother, Theresa. She left the biggest impression on me
    11. For the family: Do you want to make the world nicer and more relaxed? Then start with your family.