Morgus E015 Part Two, Blue Dog’s Ball


Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 015 Part Two, ‘Blue Dog’s Ball’

Written: September 25, 2017

Part one published on Virily on April 12, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on April 19, 2018.

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Winter 24 Unicorn

Having pulled Hez aside after the evening meal, the two are sitting in the seats of the ground floor Imvor chapel, Morgus starts the conversation as he says, “you’ve heard by now, Larap hired me as the Hessan estate Chamberlain until Winter of Pine?”

Offering his arm while he remains seated, Hez says, “I knew he would … congratulations, Master Morgus.”

They clasp arms as Morgus chuckles softly, he says, “you know as a chamberlain, I see to the estate’s maintenance and its structures as well as the staffing … of course. I do have two items I’d like to talk to you about … to get your thoughts on, before I officially address them as part of my job … do you mind?”

Leaning toward Morgus, Hez answers, “please, speak up.”

Smiling shallow in a weak grin, Morgus continues. “I have a warrior who seeks to acquire a trade, and he asked if I would see if he could be a smith. I’ve already placed one apprentice smith in the local community recently … so it would take a fair bit of travel and effort to find him placement with another smith … I had thought perhaps you’d see your way to apprenticing him if I got you both registered with the smith’s guild?”

Shaking his head slowly twice, Hez replies, “no … I really don’t have the work with which to train anyone.”

Pondering this, Morgus twists his fingers of both hands together at his chin, he shifts in his chair to bodily face Hez, Morgus asks, “if we opened your skills as a smith tradesman to the public, along with forge work being available, would you consider taking him on?”

Hesitating for several long seconds, Hez counts in his mind the things he has yet to do for current work, then any possibilities of other work, he asks, “can we specialize – if we can get the work! … moving into finesmithing?”

Beaming a broad smile, Morgus answers, “if I get six percent of your income and Larap receives eight, then you’re free to do so … if you take on my apprentice!”

Looking at the floor as he fidgets in his seat, then Hez asks, “you said two things?”

Nodding, Morgus straightens in his chair, “I think this chapel is nice and cozy for the Hessan’s staff along with the few locals who attend your services … but Baron Hessan and I have talked … we agree on building a Cathedral of Hessan to Imvor for the community. How do you feel about being our Hessan’s Bishop of Imvor?”

Leaping to his feet, Hez asks, “your serious?”

Nodding a single shallow bob, Morgus calmly replies, “it’ll move faster with my warrior as your smith.”

Offering his arm, Hez says loudly, “deal! … but I want a raise.”

Morgus nods twice in shallow bobs. “I agree to a Dyns a day increase.”

Kneeling on one knee in front of Morgus, Hez says, “you took me out of destitute poverty … you’ve given me both of my passions; a wonderful home with extravagant foods, and with warmth in my home. You’ve given me a chapel to perform services from … now you offer me a Cathedral as well as my own public trade shop with an apprentice … how do I repay you?”

Smiling benignly, Morgus pats Hez’s shoulder, and he says, “the Cathedral is Hessan’s Imvor Cathedral … we’d name you as the Bishop hoping to get the College of Religion’s Imvor leaders’ signatures for such advances … I’ll be working on these with you and Baron Hessan. You repay Imvor … and us, by performing the next six services of Right of Passage in the future for no cost to us … as the bishop you’ll be earning five Dyns per day, plus all of the chapel and cathedral alms, minus glebe fees of course.”


With a satisfied grunt, Morgus sits down at half-an-hour before Gods-set on Larap’s plush sofa in the baron’s lavender scented extravagant office with the fireplace stoked high to warm Larap.

The Baron sits in his plush padded armchair near the roaring fireplace. Frowning with a deeply furrowed forehead, Larap says, “you know you don’t start work as my chamberlain until tomorrow? You had today off to prepare.”

Drinking from his warm mulled wine, Morgus answers, “I studied the second tome for four hours today as well as worked on the research of my new spell; which I finally finished the incantation’s research successfully and I’m starting to scribe the new spell into my tome … during my day studying, I was approached by a staff member to acquire them a place in a trade, and I’ve placed them … I’d like to hire two replacements for him. As well my plans for the new cathedral have started with Hez, who I offered placement as Hessan’s Bishop at a wage of five Dyns per day plus all alms, minus glebe fees.”

Sipping from his own crystal tumbler of rich heavily sour scented deep dark wine, Larap smiles knowingly. “You may be too eager Morgus … but I like that … do what you must … but appear legal for the nobility and the city … with the state royals as well. Keep the guilds happy too … all of them … even the rogues and holy ones.”

Understanding his instructions and the freedom he has just been given, Morgus nods then answers, “thank you, Baron Hessan.”

Looking Morgus in the eyes, Larap replies coldly, “yes!”

Winter 25 Unicorn

Sitting in his chamberlain’s office for his first afternoon, Morgus looks up as Ada announces the first appointment.

There are two City Watch sergeants and a City Mage entering the office.

All three greet Mage Morgus.

The twenty-one-year-old Toyfem mage eagerly introduces herself last, saying, “Gods-grace and good fate, Master Mage Morgus. I’m the City Watches, Mage Master Halda, attached to the Loren Watch Post. Your reputation is spreading beyond Hessan estate, and I’ve come seeking your help.”

Motioning for the three to take seats, Morgus pours four tumblers of Larap’s dark heavy wine, with its heavy rich sour scent. The rare wine that the Baron graciously has supplied his office with two kegs.

Handing out the sparkling crystal tumblers half-full of wine, Morgus takes his own seat, then he says, “so let me understand this, the City Watch wants my help because of my reputation? … but as far as I know, I have no reputation.”

Granting Morgus two winks quickly, Halda grins conspiratorially. “You, my friend, have impressed magistrates and City Watch, as well as a citizen with your Seven Hell’s sheets of fire. It’s not the City Watch directly who is asking for your help … I’m here to ask you for myself to learn your fire spell; the City will pay you two-thousand Flairs, plus they’ll pay for my lodging and upkeep while I’m learning it.”

Considering having the two-thousand coins being added to his chest, also, the Hessan estates charges for the room and board, Morgus curtly replies, “that works. The room will be a Dyns per day and board will be two Dyns; with you staying in the staff bunk room and eating in the staff dining room with me.”

Shaking her head slowly, Halda answers, “no! … the City will pay a flat fee of one-hundred flairs for a total of ninety days – for all expenses. This includes laundry services and the stabling of one horse.”

The End.


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