Morgus, E019 Part two, Turquoise Seal Chair


Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 019 Part two, ‘Turquoise Seal Chair.’


June 23, 2018

Part one published on Virily on July 5, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on July 12, 2018.

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Winter 65 Unicorn

Almost three kilometres south from Loren Square and Market, and several hours into their journey toward the mill, five travellers on the road grab the reins of the team of horses.

In defence of the team, Square moves up to confront two of them.

The lead Toymal boldly addresses Morgus. “Well now pampaloo! … hold here now – I think you need to pay us – or give us your wagon and the goods!”

Viewing the five assailants, Morgus ponders their chances against these five. He shrugs. “I think we have you outmatched, my friend.” He lifts his quarterstaff which was resting against the seat beside him.

The man responds in a nervous manner, jerking slightly while his voice cracks. “No pampaloo, your wrong! We have you outnumbered five to two. Pay us one-hundred for you to pass!”

With his free hand, Morgus points to Square who is snarling viciously at the attackers. Morgus responds as cold as winter ice. “We outmatch you, Fool!”

The Elfmal and Jalmal next to Square attack the yellow bitch with their clubs.

Leza defends herself against the Jalfem attempting to climb up onto the driver’s seat. She strikes true, hitting the woman hard and knocking her back to the ground.

As Leza is climbing down to confront the thugs, drawing her knife as she descends, she is struck with a club blow by the leading Toymal.

In his fury, going aggressive from his position on the driver’s seat, Morgus touches his thumbs together splaying his fingers aimed at the trailing two assailants, aiming away from the main conflict. The mage utters, “fire,” and a burst of amber and yellow streaming flames fan out a few inches thick in a 120o seven-foot radius arc stream. Spewing out almost instantly going forth and reaching from his finger’s tips.

The result is that one Jalmal drops dead right away and a Jalfem is severely scorched.

The scorched woman continues to press in.

In her attempt to avoid multiple club attacks from her two assailants, Square trips and falls to her knees.

The Jalfem scorched by Morgus runs in to attack the mage, but she has been temporarily partially blinded such that her club strikes the wagon, shattering the club.

Struggling back up to her feet, Square whips around in her fury biting the Elfmal, drawing crimson blood.

The battle rages on for several more minutes as the two sides continue to jockey for positions to achieve superior attacks, neither group gains control.

Then, Morgus manages to feint the Jalfem into a false direction, connecting with her, his staff knocking her back.

Both sides become further enraged so that the battle continues even wilder now in chaotic attacks.

Leza gets close to the wagon and catching her weapon against the sideboard she snaps her knife blade, breaking it.

In a savage furious rage, Square attacks the flagging Elfmal, dropping him to the ground unconscious, she leaves the downed male to bleed out.

The trio of remaining attackers start to quaver as they slow down their actions, hesitating briefly.

With lightning quick speed, Leza finds an advantage, and with her fist, she strikes the Toymal.

In several flash attacks, Morgus makes a severe error striking the ground so hard he shatters his staff and cracks it a third of the way up, breaking it.

The remaining Jalmal in retaliation lashes out and connects with his club onto Square, knocking her to the side.

The Jalfem who is slightly blistered from Morgus’ ‘fan flame,’ only has her fists to attack with now as she has broken her club, she strikes Morgus hard enough to bruise him.

In his frustration with events, Morgus quickly steps back from her. He touches his thumbs together splaying his fingers as he rapidly aims at the woman and utters, “fire.”

The blazing amber and yellow flames suck the air from her lungs as they engulf her head, burning her skull so severely as to instantly melt her brains inside her skull, killing her.

Her deceased corpse slumps to the ground with her hair burnt off, her clothing is on fire.

With two attackers remaining, Square has renewed vigour as she leaps forward, locking her teeth onto the leg of the last Jalmal, she tears off a huge chunk of flesh while snapping his leg bone.

The man drops to the ground as Square drops the crimson blood dripping ripped off glob of flesh.

The man bleeds a fountain of blood at his thigh as he died.

Leza, also with renewed hope, hits the remaining Toymal swiftly and solidly, deeply bruising him.

At the same time, the Toymal strikes her with his club, and he knocks Leza back.

Calmly, Morgus uses his Grenar arts to quickly lash out with a strike, crushing the man.

As the man is stunned, Square tears into him dragging him down and she viciously kills the now non-defending Toymal.

With his follow up, kneeling at each downed person using the broken knife blade, Morgus slices the throats of all five ensuring they bother no one again.

This, while Leza checks Square for wounds.

Gathering together, the two humans examine each others’ wounds for possible broken bones. Not detecting any they look for spectators or people passing by but find none.


The two of them have laid out the corpses in an orderly manner as they wait for any passerby.

Morgus has even written a parchment sheet report to the Loren Square City Watch post.

After some time as they sit on the driver’s seat of the wagon, Morgus and Leza watch a young Jalmal approach them from the south, cautiously.

Morgus calls out in firm command. “Gods-grace and good fate, gentle traveller. How fares thee?”

The young man gives a slight nod as he observes the five mutilated bodies.

Taking a cautious route in this discussion, Morgus continues. “These five brigands waylaid us in an attempt to hijack our wagon or to ransom us … they’ve failed. I would like to send my report to the Loren Square City Watch post if I may … with you, if we may? I’m offering you a Gold Flair to take the report to the post!”

Walking near the wagon, hesitantly the man reaches up.

Grim-faced with lips straight, and his eyes narrowed, Morgus hands him one golden coin and his note.

Taking the coin, the man’s eyes light up with glee, and he gingerly takes Morgus’ note placing it in his side-pouch. “Yes, Pamboor, I’ll deliver it today. What name?”

Holding a finger up, the mage replies, “as quickly as possible my good man! I’m Baron Hessan’s Chamberlain, Mage Morgus!”

 With the issue taken care of and with hopes that the City Watch receives the message to collect their fees for the Right of Passage for each of the five corpses from him at Hessan Estate, the team continues on their way to the old Westmolmot mill with Leza’s goods.

The end of part two of Morgus episode E019 written by, Kenneth Shumaker.


May the words stay with you!


©2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press  

To be continued in the next Morgus episode E019 part three, ‘Turquoise Seal Chair,’ …


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