Morgus, E019, Part one, Turquoise Seal Chair


Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 019, ‘Turquoise Seal Chair.’


June 23, 2018

Part one published on Virily on July 5, 2018.


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Winter 60 Unicorn

As Morgus looks at the Hessan accounting books, he ponders his past day. He has survived his first official payday with the Hessan staff as Baron Larap’s chamberlain.

He looks at his neat, tidy pile of 128 gold coins on the desk for his own pay, wondering about his future here as he smiles benignly.

Closing the record accounting book, he turns down the hood on the desk lamp and leaves the chamberlain’s office. He quickly walks up the broad staircase to the fourth floor with brisk strides to his lab to continue studying his new spell, ‘Thunder Staff.’

As he approaches the lab table, he swears as he stubs his cloth shoe covered toes on the table’s stout wooden leg, rapidly bending over Morgus rubs the painful toes as he mutters to himself.

Winter 61 Unicorn

Laughing boisterously, Morgus watches Leza as she exits the manor ahead of him.

He says with a faster raised voice. “You know this trip is exciting, you’ll finally be working in your new shop with this equipment we’re going to pick up.”

Not seeing the humour in his previous joke, Leza groans softly, as she exhales deep. “Don’t get your hopes up, I’ll need staff as well!”

As they walk to the stables, Morgus looks down at Square, then back up at Leza. “We’ll fix that.”

Saddling one of Larap’s better trained riding horses, who Morgus is renting for Leza’s use to ride on this trip, and then saddling Rex, they set out for Punting Horse Stables.


Riding to the Perch Inn in a hectic rush, Morgus stops to rents two rooms. One for him and one for Leza for the night as it’s still a fair ways to go to the stables and it’s near darkness of nightfall.

Winter 62 Unicorn

Slowly travelling through a freezing sleet snowstorm of ice crystals, the two rode through the day arriving later than desired and entering into the Punting Horse courtyard with centimetres of freshly fallen snow, to find all quiet.

Morgus dismounts to enter the stable and find Terror Tot grooming a mare in a larger stall while the giant of a man is whistling a raunchy tune.

Taping the man’s shoulder after quietly walking up to the stablemaster, Morgus says, “Terror, speak up I don’t understand you!”

Jerking up alert, the giant stands tall, grinning proudly he slaps Morgus on the shoulder. “Hey, old Morg! What brings you here?”

Bowing from his waist, Morgus says, “we need a wagon for transporting some shop equipment acquisitions. I need to go to Loren Square and Market to acquire the equipment, and then travel Drescol Street to deliver it. I’ll bring the box on wheels back to you from there!”

Gazing over Morgus, top to bottom, he shakes his head, then Terrec leans forward. “Ten coin for you to rent the wagon!”

Shaking his head twice, Morgus replies, “no! … five!”

Offering his arm, the stablemaster says a little louder, “seven!”

With broad smiles, they clasp arms.

“Done,” says Morgus, then he offers Terrec seven of the precious gold Flairs he brought with him.

Together they harness four stout mares to the same medium-sized wagon which Morgus used last time.

Then tethering Rex and the riding horse to the rear of the conveyance, the team leaves, and they arrive at the Perch Inn long after the two day-gods have rested in darkness.

Again, Morgus books separate rooms the two exhausted travellers to rest for the night.

Winter 64 Unicorn

As they work from one trade shop to the next in Loren Square and Market, loading the wagon with Leza’s equipment and supplies, Morgus marvels at the complexities of a tailor’s workings for her shop.

In the bench and table cabinetmaker’s shop, Leza marvels at a new armchair. “Morgus look at this beauty! Fit for a Queen’s chambers I’d say!”

Examining the chair, Morgus sees a new padded oak seat covered in seal hide and inlaid with turquoise on the arms – it’s simply striking. The chair is exquisitely beautiful to behold in its craftsmanship and materials.

He motions to the shopkeeper.

The short old Jalmal bull waddles over with a huge smile. “Yes?”

Pointing to the chair, Morgus says, “how much for this beast?”

Looking Morgus over, head-to-toe in an appraisal. Then appraising Leza as well, the man rubs his hands together after shrugging. “143.00 coin just for you two, Justice man.”

Blinking, Morgus frowns deeply, then it strikes him. This man was in the group of folks watching him contend with the Red Horse. Thinking slowly while examining the seat better, Morgus counters. “114.00 coin?”

Wringing his hands, the shopkeeper turns to Leza. “I have an offer of 126.00 already. They’ll pick it up today.”

With a mirthful chuckle, Morgus replies, “I’ll take it now for 130.00 coins.”

With a sudden shot of his arm to offer a clasp, the shopkeeper says, “done!”

Laughing, Morgus clasps his arm, then rushes out to the wagon to retrieve his coin’s from his treasury chest to pay the man.

The chair is their final item which they load as the older man says, “now don’t go and lose that before you get it home!”

Covering the wagon load. Sealing the contents tight and secure under a set of canvas tarps and hemp ropes, they return to the Dorlets Inn for the night, to sleep in lone rooms again. The wagon is secure in the Inn’s inner stables courtyard.

The end of part one of Morgus episode E019 written by, Kenneth Shumaker.


May the words stay with you!


©2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press  

To be continued in the next Morgus episode E019 part two, ‘Turquoise Seal Chair,’  …


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