Monogamy; huh? Part – 4

Late that night, Derek found himself in some woman’s bed and couldn’t remember her name. He dug through his memory but couldn’t match a name and  decided to go, just go.

Quietly he dressed and slipped  out. He had no idea where he was, where he had parked, fortunately, he recognised his car, got in, began to drive, and felt lost.

Where was he?

Derek could just recall going out with his ‘friends’ …  people he worked with or happened to know, but no one special, no one he knew beyond their name. Going out with these ‘friends’ for his birthday, winding up where?

It all went into a blur, but he recognised a land mark, and was able to get on the path home.

He felt weird, thirty five years old, the day, feeling lost and abandoned.

No real friends, no real relationship, just Derek.


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Written by jaylar

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