The Killing of Me – part 18

I stood like a bag of uncollected garbage outside of the restaurant. Kelly and Tammy had gone in. I was not invited. I was not part of Kelly’s life, any more.

Kelly was with his first love, Tammy. The Tammy who had left him. The Tammy who made it possible for there to be an Eve and a Kelly.

Somehow he had contacted her or she contacted him or they accidentally collided… somehow…

And here I was alone.

Alone because, unlike Tammy, I never asked Kelly’s opinion. I did what I felt needed to be done, and never took him into consideration.

My attempt to foster a little boy named Owen was, in Kelly’s words, “just the final act in a relationship that was all your way.”

So here I stand, alone in a strange city, like a bag of uncollected garbage.


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Written by jaylar

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