Some Mistakes Can’t be Corrected – Part 6

Penny returned to Aunt Helen’s house. Helen asked her why she was home so early. She told her Aunt that she had gone to see her father, but he wasn’t there and the helper wouldn’t let her in.

“Helper?  Is that what you call the slut that your father’s playing with? You’re lucky she didn’t bust your head.”

“I’m telling Daddy.”

“You think he cares?  He cares about his slut and the baby she has for him.  That’s all he cares about.  You see the monkey money he gives me for you? That barely covers your bus fare. He doesn’t care about you.”

“My mother…”

“After what you said about her? After the Court order her to stay away from you?  Don’t even think of it.  She’s gone.”

“Gone where?

”“No one knows.”

Penny started to cry.


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Written by jaylar

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