How Gavin Got To Be Alone – 14

Gavin sits alone and tries to figure out how he got there. Tries to understand how he lost every person in his  life; not through death, but through…actions?  Inactions?

He recalled how Grandma had promised to leave the house in her Will to he and his brother.  And there was no way to not remember how Deja got him to buy the house from Grandma.

It was clear why Stan turned his back and walked away. The house.

Anita? She was such a stupid girl. Stupid and believing in him. Then Deja took her over and disposed of her. How had he let Deja do it?   He hadn’t cared. Admit it. He found Anita annoying and seeing her once a year would have been sufficient. It wasn’t so much Deja acting alone, it was Deja, his ex-wife, who put his feelings into actions.

His father, well he never liked him. His mother? He never gave her a chance.  And after that visit…that once and never again visit…

Deja had isolated him, but he hadn’t resisted. Deja had surrounded him with her friends, her family, and he had embraced them.

Deja could carry a lot of fault, but he had to bear some of it.


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