Some Mistakes Can’t Be Corrected – Part 3

Penny was not very happy at Aunt Helen’s. She decided to tell Daddy when she saw him.

He stopped by on Friday afternoon to hand Helen some money. He was paying Helen to watch Penny.

Seeing this, just realising that Aunt Helen hadn’t taken her because she wanted her, but was being paid, Penny told her Daddy he wanted to come home, to live with him.

“Go away with that.  You stay here.” he flung as if she were nothing to him.


“Would you stop acting like a baby. You are better off here.”

“I want to live with you…”

He sucked his teeth. “I don’t have time to look after you, you stay here…”  he said with such coldness that she couldn’t understand what or why or how.

It would take a long time for Penny to understand what happened. That is, if she were accustomed to thinking for herself. But Penny had been ‘controlled’ by the helper, who had turned her against her mother, so could only wonder what it was that made Daddy angry with her.


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Written by jaylar

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