How Gavin Got To Be Alone – 11

Sitting alone, thinking. No. It wasn’t thinking, it was remembering. Remembering things that happened, things that happened when he wasn’t thinking. Things he did without thinking.

Gavin remembered when he and Stan came to the house, to the house Grandma bought for her retirement. But Step-Grandpa was not leaving the city. So Grandma stayed in the City and he and his brother, Stan, came all the way here. To live here.

Stan was handsome, He was not. Stan had a lot of girl friends, he didn’t. Stan had a good job, he didn’t. Stan got married. He and his wife lived in the big room. Gavin lived in one of the small rooms. ¬†Stan spent money on the house. Added rooms.

Then Stan went away with his wife.

Gavin rented out the rooms. He had moved into the big room. Then, Deja came. She would rent the big room with it’s own bathroom. He would return to the small room.

Did Deja ever love him, or simply want free rent? Did she love him or want the house?


What do you think?


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