Mike Tarraga's Life as Pedophilia Victim

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Shawn Attwood interviews Mike Tarraga, sold in a pedophilia ring in London. Him and his siblings were abandoned by his parents. He was sexually abused by Ted Heath. They were often passed around within relatives, and abused many times. He ended up being sold in a pedophilia since he was 6, which was considered the best age because small kids were a fresh face. By 11 years old, these kids are considered “used” and “old,” often rejected for younger kids, although some were still sold in pedophilia.

This sounds similar to pedophilia rings in USA and other countries. They all seem to work in the same way. They mostly prey on runaways, orphans, and kids found wandering on their own. They are lured with some kind of bait, whether money or better life. But their life seems to get much worse instead, and they cannot get out or escape.

Mike Tarraga is now recovering from a stroke, ready to go home soon, although he cannot use his left side.

He was later sent to a covenant, which he stated it was the happiest part of his childhood.

He was also in a lunatic asylum.

He is also writing a book about his life.


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  1. I notice Jimmy Saville is pictured too and the sad thing is he was never brought to justice because he died. One of our worst paedophiles who got away with years of abuse. People thought he was a nice man because of his tv series “Jim’ll fixit” where he made dreams come true for people. Quite sick really.


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