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Merry Christmas Eve 2017

I made our traditional Spaghetti dinner, Garlic Bread and Caesar Salad for Christmas Eve dinner. Then we opened presents and of course played with the puppy and the kittens! Sadly Willow went missing Last Monday and going to the different places and asking around hasn’t gotten us far.  I hope someone loving took her in and nothing bad happened to her!

Everyone was spoiled or Well loved as Little Miss likes to say!

My Niece Amber had to make a hard decision a couple of weeks ago, and gave her dog Maya to a friend of ours who was up visiting from Idaho because they had a lot of acreage and she just wasn’t doing well in an apartment, which made this gift from (Aunt) Jill to her, Sis to me all the more special and meaningful!

My brother received lots of Hot Sauces Lol!  And Little Miss even got my Mom a special gift!

Little Miss got a Frozen Barbie and goodies from Amber, and a 3D animal kit from us, and of course Santa is bringing her stuff too! As well as her big brother Big E

Someone needs to tell them to stop growing so fast lol! Seriously when did this happen?

Of course my Niece and her Dad got me Sophia, and Bella just loves her which makes me happy!

They play together really cute, Garfield gets along with him too!  They already seem to be the best of friends!

My Mom loved her gift from Little Miss

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