May I ask you all a couple of questions?

Sorry for all the questions that I’m going to be asking of you all about this Virily Website and I don’t know all the perks that this website to offer because I’m so new on this website. So, please bear with me my friends. 

 1. How many points do you need to cash in at the end of the month to make any money?

2. How do you make a large amount of points in such a short amount of time?

How many points would you need at the end of the month to get paid $10 in my PayPal account?

Thank you for answering all of my questions I really appreciate it thank you so much my friends God bless you all.

What do you think?

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  1. You have to make at least $ 10 to be paid. I received the first payment when I had a total of 13000 Virils (after 4 months from signing up).(10 $)
    You can make 200 virills / day if you read 100 polls, 50 virils if you read 50 articles / day and so on. I advise you to read FQA section and you will find out all that interest you.

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