Margie’s Great Escape – Part VI

The emotional overload had Margie crying her heart out. The women who worked at the Shelter were used to this kind of hysteria. Abused wives who had taken the chance to escape would enter the building and when the door shut behind them, and they were buzzed through the gate, and saw their ‘saviors’ they often responded this way.

They gave Margie a glass of water, and then told her; “You are safe.”

When she was calm they verified she had left no ‘trail’. That the searches she had done were wiped, that her cell phone number had been changed.

“Tonight, you’ll stay in a room, you’ll get a good night’s sleep, and tomorrow we’ll deal with your new identity.”

Margie nodded, and was led to a tiny room with it’s own bathroom, and given a towel, a little half bar of soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and sheets were put on the bed with a blanket.

“Just relax, everything will be fine.”

Margie felt confused and lost, but some how, safe.


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Written by jaylar

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