Margie’s Great Escape – Part Iv

If this were 1980 or 1990 then Margie would be virtually running blind. She would be going to a place she had never been, among people she had never met.

But this was the age of the Internet where she could sit in her living room and explore the world online. She could find those cities which had battered wife shelters. She could alert them in advance she was coming.

Fortunately, they alerted her to delete all history, and to delete the actual browser she was using to prevent her oppressor from coming after her. Margie decided to reboot the computer, have it wipe everything and reload.

Just before she left the house she insured that the computer was virtually as it had been out of the box.

As to Cell phone, she removed the SIM chip and tossed it, bought another, on her way to the bus.

She was afraid, sure, she was feeling a little lost, but she had confidence.

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Written by jaylar

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