Margie’s Great Escape – Part V

Margie had been instructed to change buses at a particular city and also her appearance. She had traveled wearing a bright blue jacket, which matched the slacks in her bag. When she arrived at the Hub, she went into the ladies, put her jacket in her knapsack, pulled on a white blouse, put her hair under a hat, and booked a ticket to another city.

By now, she assumed Mac had come in, realised she was gone, and begin to fume. He might call people asking if she were there, but no one had seen her for many months. He probably rang her number, but considering the SIM chip was at the bottom of a sewer, no one would answer.

As the bus arrived, she came out and went to where the Shelter was. She phoned, they were ready to receive her.

As she came in the door and saw the women waiting, she burst into tears.

“You’re safe…” ¬†they said, embracing her.


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Written by jaylar

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