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"Mano Po"

In the Philippines we have this traditional gesture showing respect for the elderly which we called “Mano Po.” An act of kissing a hand of the elderly. When you’re about to leave, you have to kiss their hands and when you just arrived same act will be done.

Here in the province it is still observed. However, as time evolves, this gesture is slowly fading away. They now adopt the beso beso, or the cheek to cheek greetings.

I just feel lonely that this traditional way of showing respect is now being ignored by today’s generation. This is one of the greatest treasures of our county which must be forgotten rather must be nurtured and be pass generation by generation.

What do you think?

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  1. What a lovely tradition, so many turn their back on their parents and grand parents and don’t care.

    When you see these disrespectful people, remind them that they will also grow old one day. Ask them if they would like people to kiss their hand .

    • doing the latest way is also a good gesture of showing respect, but in our traditional way it defines us as Filipinos who still practice the mano po gesture. It is our greatest treasure that needs to be pass to the next generation because it made us stand out and this is only in the Philippines.

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