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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 40): Trial

The number forty over the years has represented a trial or a tough circumstance that you must deal with in a proper fashion.  We all go through different sorts of trials throughout our entire lives, but how we go through them will determine our destiny.

Examples of the number forty that are within our common vernacular are the forty days of the Flood with Noah, the forty days at Mount Sinai for Moses, and 40 days of temptation within the wilderness for Christ.

Some people even deny that there was a flood upon the entire earth, but science has already proven that there was a flood that covered the entire world.  Historians call the period before the flood the Antediluvian era.  Antediluvian is a word that is actually two Latin words.  Ante- means before, and diluvian means the flood.  Put the two words together and you get before the flood.  If an era is called before the flood by scientists, historians, and archaeologists, then there was a flood.

As the account goes, Noah was told to build an ark because he was warned that there was going to be rainfall for forty days straight.  He was given this warning 120 years before the flood happened.  Plus, it had never rained before.  Even Noah needed convincing because he only started building the ark five years before the flood occurred.  Nevertheless, the five years of preparation ensured that he and his family were able to stay afloat during that trial of 40 days.  Like when you took a test in school, preparation will guarantee that the test will be passed.

From the opposite perspective, the Israelite people were just released from slavery and were waiting around near Mount Sinai.  Moses went up to meet with God for 40 days on the top of the mountain.  The Israelite people did not pass this trial because they made a golden calf and got their swerve on.  When Moses returned to camp, the party was shut down.  To undo the reveling, Moses went back up to the top of Mount Sinai for another 40 days.  The people passed the test the second time.  If you do not pass a test, then you have to do the test all over again.

In the last example, Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness.  After this test, Jesus was tempted to immediately eat some food.  However, He was able to withstand that test which proves that the mental must be trained in order to overcome physical cravings.

Usually, I give four different steps in this series for each part.  However, there are no steps that can prevent you from avoiding trials because unfavorable circumstances happen from time to time to everybody.  Fortunately, there is one concept that will help you through any trial.  That concept is redemption.

Redemption gives you the hope that you will eventually be delivered from the storm that you are going through.  Here’s an example of redemption.  Let’s say that you have bought a ticket to a concert.  Once you arrive at the concert, you have to give your ticket to the employee so that you will be given entry to the concert.  The employee then redeems your ticket, and you are given access to the concert area.

If you are willing to pay the cost, then you will be given redemption from any trial.

Pic is from  The three examples are from the Bible and from the Book of Jasher.

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  1. An impressive article about 40. In my country, there are still people who do 40 full days of fasting without eating and drinking at all. It is also one of the numbers of days of 3, 7, 40, and 1000 days to pray together for someone who has been died by most religious people. There is also a belief that someone who has been kidnapped by an astral creature (like genies) or is considered dead but returned again after 40 days has special abilities and will be asked for various assistance by many people. I know one person like this, and he is indeed very different from most people.

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