Making Circles – 14

With Laurie gone,  I needed reasons to speak with Shaun, to be with Shaun. He didn’t come to the hangout after the day she left, and I knew he’d not be back, so I stopped.

It was accidentally I overheard a guy complaining that he had tickets to a particular basket ball came, but couldn’t use them. Shaun loved that event. I asked him for the tickets, paying a fraction of the cost.

I ‘bumped’ into Shaun and after a minute of blah blah, in an almost bored voice, asked him if he wanted to go with me to…

and I never saw him so excited and happy.

We went to the match and I became a fan. I became a fan because Shaun was so into it, and I was into Shaun.

After the game, as we traveled home he said;  “I owe you. Tell me where you want to go and I will take you!”

Brilliantly I said, “I’ll get back to you on that…”

“Thanks again!” he said and went off.

As I walked home alone, I congratulated myself on a my coup and now set about deciding where I wanted to go with Shaun.


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Written by jaylar