Make money identifying looters in Chicago

The video shown below is a video of the looting that took place earlier this week in the city of Chicago.  If you know any of the looters that incited a riot, then you can make some extra money before the holidays.  

The first incident took place at the corner of Chicago and Rush in downtown Chicago towards Water Tower Place.  The looters break into the Nordstrom’s store.  A few of these women were looking for some new clothes, but they are not capable enough to find a job and save some money to buy those clothes legally.

The second incident took place at the corner of Roosevelt and Canal in the South Loop where looters broke into another Nordstrom’s store.  I guess these women were not capable of convincing their boyfriends to buy them a Dooney & Burke purse.

The third incident took place at the corner of Rush and Oak Street where looters break into a store in which the name was not revealed.

The final incident is showing looters break into a 7-11 near Jefferson and Randolph.  If you know any of the looters, then click here.


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