Luna (tic) University – Part 15

I kept my ‘Learning Centre’ small and expensive, but gave a scholarship each year to a child who showed potential. I added various subjects to the curiculum so that gaining a certificate from my ‘learning centre’ was sufficient to gain matriculation at Earthside Universities, as well as make the holder first choice for local employment.I knew my time was limited. Soon enough the Lunatics of Tranq U would go into caucus to decide what should be done with me.

I heard there was a minority which wanted to suck my school into T.U. so it would operate under their auspices. This would enable them to utilize my ‘contacts’ to Earth institutions. The majority, as I expected, wanted to close me down as I was making them look bad. There had to be some law I was offending. If not, they would write one.

While this went on, I hired more teachers, and raised the standards.


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Written by jaylar