Luna (tic) University – part 19

The Looneys who ran this colony, who were owned and operated by the pseudo-intellectuals who staffed Tranquility Base University, Lunatic U, had the police arrest me for breaching a ridiculous law they passed for the purpose of  arresting me.

Arresting me for running a Learning Centre which actually had scholastic value, contra Lunatic U.

The police post was next to my bar so it was more drama than anything. I was officially arrested, which was the biggest news in the colony.

They asked me if I wanted a lawyer, I said no, I want a trial.

I was bailed inmy own recognizance and went back to my bar.

I’d only been gone twenty seven minutes. That’s because it was a slow day at Long Cellar Police Station. In a few days, I attended Court. It was a nice Quonset Hut, often used for government business as there wasn’t much use for it as a Court. I sat quietly, listened, pleaded Not Guilty. They put up their witnesses, submitted their ‘law‘ into evidence. Proved, beyond a Reasonable Doubt that I had clearly breached the law.

When it was my turn, I submitted my sales agreement. I proved far beyond a Reasonable Doubt that I had no part in the Learning Centre and had no part for over a Terran year. After my acquittal, I got a lawyer.


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