Luna (tic) University – Part 13

Let me fit myself into the grid. I had come up to the Moon as the child of Bureaucrats. I was in the first graduating class of T.U.when it had standards.

It is necessary to appreciate that in it’s first six years, Tranquility University was the place to be. The instructors were all ‘name brand’. The students were all eager and bright. Many were virtually kidnapped by Earthside institutions and businesses because of their quality.

I stayed on Luna and was appointed to the Services Commission. I rose quickly in the ranks. My job was filling vacancies in the Luna Civil Service. Once T.U. went Lunatic I could not use its graduates as they failed basic literacy requirements.

Some couldn’t fill out the application.

The few Lunatics that could actually read, write and speak English went into professions or migrated. This meant I had to import qualified persons from Earth. I soon became Public Enemy Number One.


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Written by jaylar