Luna (tic) University – Part 14

Since persons who ‘graduated’  Tranq University, (or as I called it, Lunatic U)  were not fluent in English (or any known language, preferring to slop speak a pidgen), I, as the person in charge of Luna Government hiring,  could not offer them a position.

This meant my hiring practices were clearly non-lunite.

As the lunatice who ran the University and had some political power I knew I would be removed from my post. I saw it coming like a sandstorm, days away.

As I was fully aware of what was bound to  happen, I did not resist.

I was allowed to retire, took redundancy and my pension, moved to Long  Cellar, opened a Bar.

I knew they were watching me, but  considering how short their attention spans, expected six months the length of their interest

When I had slipped off the radar, I opened a remedial school where I strove to repair the damage done to young minds by Lunacy.”

I obtained accreditation  from Earthside institutions for my ‘learning centre, (I wouldn’t dare call it a school to avoid offending Lunatics).

At my ‘Learning Centre’  I gave the students a real education.


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Written by jaylar