Learning from the Past

I was trying to play with the new format and found some posts that seemed invisible to others. Meaning that they simply were not interested in reading or responding to them.

Sometimes I wonder if I had been exposed to different things in my youth.  I have even considered doing some of the things I have missed as a child to help me become more tolerant.  I tried playing marbles for the first time. That seems frustrating. I assume it wouldn’t have been that way as a child.

Then a parent suggested that I get a small ball and I use a stray to blow it around the house. I will try almost anything once. So I was on the floor with a straw trying to get the ball to move. In the meantime, my family was making bets about how long I would last. They made me a little path was out of duct tape on the floor. (It’s a good thing we have a no-camera rule in our house.)It wasn’t very pretty. I don’t think I learned much patience and my family found it very entertaining. 

Why on earth would I share such a story of complete failure? Truth be told I have experienced many more failures in life than successes. I was under the impression that I was learning from my failures.  Today I realize I am still clinging to some of almost like a security blanket. That same uncomfortable feeling came creeping in. I must learn patience and I somehow must learn something from every mistake that will free me from the pains and shortcomings of the past.

Something has to give. My head feels scrambled.


What do you think?


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