Keep Calm Truth Time

Sometimes it’s weird that content can be read online and it brings more readers if it is all about you. Like if someone has issues or going through something and they write it down it grabs a lot of peoples attention. I believe that if people are going to do this then they need to be honest. I have read some blogs by others and come to find out everything they decided to write was a lie. I really hate to judge but why lie when you are writing about yourself or your life. You can just be honest and you will get your audience.

If you are not going to be truthful then why take all the time to write almost two to three-page blog about it? I am always honest with my writing because you never know who is reading. Someone can know you and decide to come out of the woodwork and tell people that you are lying. I see it on television too. I mean what do people get out of just sitting up lying all the time to get their 15 minutes of fame.

There are a lot of us that have migraines or have some things going on in our lives that we feel better if we write about it, but at times it is a private matter so it is never written or it is told in a form of a story later down the line. I heard that the girl that was on Dr. Phil was coached to lie about saying she was caucasian when she is really black. I don’t know how true that is but I hope they did not just sit down and come up with that story just to get on television.

I am a black woman and when I see things like this it makes me sad because we already go through so much and to get on TV with your child and do something like this is wrong. I feel that we are sent back a few more years because people keep doing things that are not productive. They would rather lie to get the world to like them.

I write a lot and share a lot of my stories and people always ask me if I am an author. I always say no because I have not published a book for selling on Amazon or anything. I have stories and books on websites like Wattpad that people can read so that I can get my name out there while I work on a book, but I am a writer, to say the least. I get a lot of people that tell me to say Author which I am not in agreeance with at this time.

Since I have a book on a site that people can read and it is a short story I guess I can say I am an Author now, but I would rather say that when I am selling one of my books which will be the same book.

Anyways my point is the stuff people do these days to get noticed is making a lot of people like us that are honest look really bad. I guess I will never understand it. If you want to do something just to have a little fame make sure that you are telling the truth and not lying your way to the top because it is just pathetic in my opinion and all your doing is hurting yourself, because what happens when you do get noticed? You will have to keep the lie going and we all know that nowadays no one can keep their lies straight.

Come on everyone lets encourage the truth and just be ourselves. You don’t want to wear a mask and carry a burden.


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