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Hi there I have only been a member of for just a short time now and really enjoy the site. But I am wondering a few things about the site .

#1 Why is there a vote take on the posts, polls, questions, quizzes. It seems it does not matter if you vote thumbs up or down you don’t get virils from it.  Right? Was it changed over time in the site?

#2 Why I know it is something new to the site ,.Just started a week or so ago but how can you become a purple star with check mark by your name member of the site if you have not posted anything in days/months compared to a newer member that is very active and posts things daily and good stuff to.

#3 Why is it always pending in the dashboard for days and then when it does update shows you make only a few pennys?

#4 Why are posts rejected and deleted but you have no clue why or what was wrong with it?

I am in no way complaining I am just wondering that’s all!

Great job on the site ♥♥♥


What do you think?

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  1. I will try to answer as many as I can..Now These are just my views, please feel free to expound anyone. Number 1. I joined in May this year, those emotes and the up and down vote do nothing, except show your appreciation to the person posting. I think they should take the up and down vote button away personally, because people think that it does some good if they hit that up vote button, and don’t “view” the post. You only make points if you view. Number 2. I saw who you are talking about and I am not sure. lol I also haven’t looked at the list in the last week. They did try to explain how to get them in the post they made about it. Number 3. Virils = points, the points are added each day and you make a percentage of what they make that day. Number 4. They are supposed to notify you via IM, and also in your email you used to join. If a post does get deleted or goes into drafts, ask them why if you don’t receive notification. They will reply and help you, sometimes it does take a day or two. I hope this helped? Again, staff? Am I correct?? lol

  2. I’m pretty new here myself so i can’t help much but in respond to #4:
    I’ve had my posts rejected too, 1 was removed while the rest, I received a PM on what’s the reason of rejection (usually word count or accidental double posting)

    Hope it helps


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