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It's the first night at the retreat

Well my good friends this is the first night at the retreat so far it’s been Thunderstorms all day and even on the bus right here lightning struck and hit something and it was so loud that it made me jump and I’m scared of thunderstorms. Tomorrow around 8am we’re going to have breakfast then around 10am we’re going to be doing tie dye t-shirts then around 12pm we’re going to have lunch. Then, at 4pm we’re going to go to the government State Park if it doesn’t rain again at at 6pm we’re going to have dinner don’t know what we’re going to have for dinner yet until tomorrow and tomorrow night if it don’t rain going to have a bonfire with s’mores (I really don’t like s’mores). I really don’t like and Thursday about 8am we’re going to have breakfast and at 9am we’re going to start packing our stuff and cleaning up and then at 11am we’re going to start heading back. We didn’t get to do that much stuff because of all the rain and thundering and everything. But, oh well shit happens. Well I had a little bit of fun playing Monopoly LOL. I don’t think I’m going to be coming back next year. He’s my daughter and her boyfriend had some fun tell me if you know what I mean “wink wink” LOL. Thank you all my good friends for reading this and God bless you all.


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Written by stacie