It's All About Balance

The more I learn about life, writing, relationships, and work I keep coming up with the same word, balance. I am balancing virily and another site because I am not so sure that wandering between the two isn’t the best answer for me.

I backlink many things in my posts. If you can’t follow a link, chances are you would have to sign in to mylot to see it.  Most of my backlinks go to other sources, but if it goes nowhere try the other option or send me a pm so I can fix it!

Yesterday turned into some unexpected challenges. After 48 years of marriage, one of my friends is going through a divorce.  I don’t which is worse. living in an unhappy situation that long or going through the anguish of divorce.

It is sadly amazing to watch adult children take sides and not allow the grandchildren to see one or the other. What used to be a family has turned into different war camps. (I have my thoughts, but they will remain my  own.) I will listen. I will help her find a place to live. I will make certain she has food on her table. I really can’t do more than that.

Today part of my balance is writing and getting ready for a very busy week ahead. 


What do you think?

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