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–> 0What is hope?

I am hurting, I am lost and I am responsible. I just cannot get things under control. I am tired of worry and sadness. I am tired of not even knowing what day it is and why I am here. I wanted to go see my brother and I was told I would just be in the way. It’s true. I am just in the way. Even when there is really no hope for me, there may be hope for others. 

This is an open list. You can up and down vote to change the order. You can ignore it. You can comment. You can share it.  I just had to say some things in writing and aloud so there will be crumbs so others may be able to understand, stand tall and avoid the pit falls. Have a wonderful Song Saturday (whenever it’s Saturday)

#2 What is hope and how do you find it?

I don't know right now. I got that call that he's going downhill fast, and I am not allowed in the hospital. I don't know what, if anything really matters now. I get that every day is different and I need to get a grip, it just seems that I am rolling downhill and it just needs to stop.

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  1. So sorry is all I can tell you. There is a similar situation is my family once again and no family is allowed. So unfair. Always hold onto hope. Always. It is hard to find but never ever give up. I am here.


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