It Would Have Been Her Birthday Today

Today December.04 would have been my nieces Aunts birthday, sadly she was brutally murdered in August, by sixteen year old boys.
It’s of course sad that she is not here, we miss her, and she certainly did not to be murdered in the brutal way she was.  I shutter just thinking about it, but we believe she is with. God now, celebrating her first birthday in Heaven, with the Lord, and I like to think there is dancing involved, lots of dancing, and singing of course, I imagine a joyful noise is being made.

My heart goes out to the 5 kids Dio left behind, five kids who must now navigate life without a Mother’s guidance.   The youngest around kindergarten age, too young to have to say goodbye to the person who gave life to you, but she is not alone, thankfully.


What do you think?


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