Is there anyone still posting?

Is anyone here still posting on Virily regularly? This always was a great writing site for everyone to share their thoughts with the world. 

Is the site about to shut down? Many writing sites I have written on have shut down. Does anyone know anything about this concern of mine?

I will be a regular poster here if I can find out if others are posting as well. Let us make this site come back strong. I would love it if it would become a great writing site for us all to enjoy once again.

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What do you think?

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  1. I think writers or bloggers on Virily will help refresh the spark we can give to and receive from each other as we make friends, inspire, genuinely listen, encourage, and discuss. And with friends who might be looking for some sense of connection. Virily is a great blogging site for people who are looking for some sense of community-ness and respect.

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