Illuminati Occult Holidays: Know the Symbolism, Signs, & Actual Meanings

Thursday, 11.1.18

Every month, an occult Zionist holiday pops up, but it is promoted as a religious holiday. None of these holidays are religious.  This video is long but interesting. A former Illuminati member, who is now a Christian, exposes the truth about all the holiday Zionist lies. It is filled with sun gods and nature worship, which are all pagan ideas.

Halloween—Samhain— is a day to worship Nimrod and perform sacrifices. Halloween is actually a three-day fire festival and a night of human sacrifices.

Stonehenge—stone circle, mainly used for human sacrifices, as well as other uses. There are a couple of movies about this, such as Wicker Man.

He also talks about the Illuminati Zionist Holidays, and the Illuminati’s mission toward their New World Order and One World Religion. This One World Religion has nothing to do with God. It is all about satanism and paganism, and worshipping sungods and other demonic forces.

December 25 = Tammuz birthday

Easter = Ishtar, and Ishtar’s colorful Eggs

Zionist Israel star is used to summon demons.

Cupid was a troublemaker, not a cute baby with a bow and arrow. He was also the son of Venus.

Groundhog’s Day: the groundhog was used to predict the future. He even references the movie, Groundhog Day. That movie is filled with Illuminati symbolism and ideas as well as freemasonry.

May Day, May 1st:  that may pole reminds me of a game kids play in the playground.

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th: leprechaun was a demonic nymph…and I think he looks like one. He is green because he has to do with nature. St. Patrick’s Day is a nature ceremony, like in witchcraft.


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