Ideas for the creation of an individual living room

The tendency of individuality

The abundance of choices allows us to create interiors according to a variety of individual needs. Now we have so many opportunities if anyone wants to have a distinctive interior. Recently,  I see a clear tendency towards exclusivity, choosing unique items for the interior, and adapting them to the needs of a particular person. It is no longer the same as before, when, say, we had the trend of “something light” or “something heavy”, the fashion of red or lilac shades.

The living room is a room that we use for any occasion. There we spend most of our time. There is going most of our communicating, we are welcoming guests there, and resting after the workday. As a result, the interior of the living room should not only be cozy and functional but also fit in with our living interests.

There are cases when a  person from long-term living abroad brings many paintings and wants them to decorate the walls of the living room. In this case, the main task is to beautifully display and illuminate these paintings.

For some, the marine aquarium becomes the focus, as the surrounding space serves to exhibit and view the aquarium. For thirds, the piano or view through the window becomes something of similar interest.

If the site is 100 square meters, it is possible to create three recreation areas: watching TV, listening to music, drinking tea. For another person, the site’s altar space may be occupied by a vinyl player. Then, with centimeter accuracy, loudspeakers are placed and similar things – in that case, the visuals, the acoustics, and what we cover the windows with are important.

I am a little skeptical about the common areas of the kitchen and living room. Such a separation of space if there is a possibility, is attractive to quite a few of my clients, especially the elderly. Whenever possible, I would advise you to plan the kitchen in any side space’s pocket so that both family members can communicate with each other and the kitchen space is not completely open from the lounge area.

I advise looking for partial separation, even for the daily dining space. For the living room as a more relaxing area, I would leave upholstered furniture, a fireplace, if possible, and a TV if it is important to the hosts

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  1. I am with you on this. There is no straight jacket ideas but ideas that suit an individual. You have a well laid out place. Is that a wall paper in your living room behind the furniture?

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