I Am Never Going to Get It

“Of course I know what it is. It’s that thing that you can turn the little round thing and it changes the size of it and you clamp on to something that you want to clamp on to.”

“Do you know that name of it?”

“No, I know it’s a tool. What size crochet do you need?”

I know that many of you will see no sense in this dialog. Every knows that I can’t remember the name of a tool to save my soul. If you are sending me to the part store, give the broken part so I can put it on the counter and say “Can I get one of these, that is not broken please?” To remind them that I really don’t know and I am not going to remember or that I am totally lost I use the same reply. “What size crochet hook do you need?”

Crochet hooks and pen and paper are the tools I really love and use. All this other stuff is necessary. I am not sure it necessarily means that I have to learn about them. I think perhaps my brain is at capacity! At least I feel that way today!

What do you think?

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  1. I would call that tool either a wrench or an adjustable spanner.

    I agree – knowing the names of things does not always come easy, and Ii hate the looks you get from those in the know when you are deeply immersed in the don’t-know!

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