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Hollywood P.I. – 3

A client wanted me to find an actor called  Kian Hamilton. I had never heard of him.  Images were sent, as well as a short clip from a television show I had never watched. The show had gone off the air years ago.

This Kian Hamilton was one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t prime box office or not a star of some popular drama.

I checked  IMDB  and his  filmography was sparse, his biography sparser. I did a Google and there were hundreds sites devoted to someone we’d never heard of.

I assumed that with so many sites dedicated to this Kian Hamilton, I could let my fingers do the walking.


Many of the sites were virtually defunct save for middle aged and older women using it for a chat board. There was nothing current.

Fans, fanatical fans always find their idol. Fans live to post; “I saw  Idol on Main Street.’  Yet, in relation to Kian Hamilton, there were no sightings for over five years.

I was not feeling very positive.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar