He's Grounded

Yes, I am aware that he is an old man, but he’s grounded. He can’t get on Virily for a week.  I really don’t need any more arguments or stress. This was once a place that I thought was a safe haven. That’s come and gone several times and today he got all charged up again.

He asked why someone told me not to visit or comments on their posts. I said, “It really doesn’t matter. The person said that I shouldn’t view his work any longer and I have honored his request. You are not a member here, you are my husband. I don’t think anyone here cares if you read it or not. Very few even know that you are often here reading with me or I leave it up so you can read, just not signed in. You can’t leave a comment or hurt them in any way.”

“Well I think you should go back and read it.”

” I was asked not to and I will not.”

He just got frustrated and stomped away and I changed the password to open the computer. He’s really grounded.  He came back later and tried to get into the computer. I reminded him that I had grounded him from the computer. He just wanted to play solitaire he said. I gave him a deck of cards.

It could be that recent things have caused me to be harsher. I tend to react rather quickly.  I don’t go back and ponder as much as I used to. I am more apt to say “it what it is and walk away”. That may or may not be a good thing, and today I really noticed that it has been a definite change. I probably need to talk to him about it, but not today.

As I was typing this my sister called. I cannot go to visit my brother. I want to see him, but I guess that may not ever be able to happen again. I don’t remember if I told him that I loved him before he was taken to the hospital.

I guess I have some thinking to do and I can feel the tears coming on. It’s a good time to take my emotions and crawl back into the darkness.

Enjoy the peace and quiet.


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  1. i suspect his view of you is much different than the rest of us. He wants to protect you and be your rock. hard to keep things separated sometimes.

    my wife gets very angry sometimes at some of the comments I get.

    i always tell her my pen rai (it doesn’t matter in Thai)!

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