“Have you ever finished a test with no mistakes?”

There are some students who wanted to ace the test. They can see their hard work while having a perfect score on a test. It wasn’t easy depending on how the student deal with their studying habit. For some scholars, they really need to push themselves in aiming high scores in every subject. Once a student will have an ace score, it is the best reward for hardworking. Parents can provide the needs of their children and students should try their best in studies.

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The preparation for tests in school will take a lot of time. Time can be maximized if the students strictly follow their timetable. It mightbe an old fashion way but it is still effective in aiming certain goals. Perseverance is the worth of virtue to be internalized by the students.

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In taking a test or examination, the students will feel the confidence and aim to perfect it. All the preparation and ability to organize things up, then there is no need to worry about. There are two situations that should consider in taking an examination. First, the student had finished the test because he or she doesn’t know the answers. Second, the student was able to finish the exam because he or she knows the answers.

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Whatever the test result, it should be beyond the passing rate. It is the best thing to bear in mind that a student should not be contented with having a passing rate. Because there will be a bad sign in studying habit. It should be changed and find ways to keep up with an improvement. If not, then it would be the situation of wasting time. There are some chances that these students can be easily influenced by the external environment to lose focus such as going out with easy-going students. It has been proven that some students will lose its drives of studying.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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