She Got What She Wanted – 2

The woman who had ridden in was Andrea, the new manager of the Bright Corner.  Cara spoke with her in a warm manner not because of her position, but because she wanted to meet the man who had arrived with her.

His name was Max.

She looked at him with eyes that were exceedingly warm, for if he could be with Andrea then he must be something special.

Andrea went about her tasks, leaving Max and Cara on the Veranda.

Cara, playing tourist, asked Max about the island as if she really wanted to know.  But what Cara wanted was to know Max.

He was an open, friendly man, who didn’t mind talking, and so, a very pleasant two hours was spent. Then a waiter came out with a meal for Max. He asked Cara if she was hungry and she accepted his invitation to share.

Shortly after, Andrea came out and saw them.

Cara said, “I didn’t like how this salad looked, and you know, I tasted it, and the lettuce is….”  and she shook her head, making sure not to look at Max while she spoke and hold her voice steady so Andrea would think that she was not sharing Max’s food.

Andrea asked Max who responded; “Yeah, it’s a little rancid for sure…”

Andrea took the plate back into the kitchen. Cara not wanting a drama, nor to tip her hand too early, went to her room, thinking… “That was close.”


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Written by jaylar