Fat Girl

My parents didn’t have to give me a name. I was known as the Fat Girl.

This was decades before kids were supersized. Long years ago when there was one, at the most two Fat Kids in an entire school.

This is way back when being Fat was as close to freak as anyone wanted to get.

In those days, one tried to offset the physical handicap by having a great personality.

I tried to be kind and helpful, tried to be happy.

The final straw came in Junior High. The boy I was insanely in love with was, unknown to him,  standing behind me as I sat and sewed a costume for the school play.

One of his friends was trying to convince him to go to some fete and he responded;

“I’d as soon go to Martin’s party as I would date the Fat Girl.”

One of his friends gave him a nudge, said something like; “You mean the waitress by the canteen?”

As there was a mirror in eye reach I saw the nudges, the head turns, the cover up….

As I couldn’t bear to hear the backtrack lie I jumped up with this beaming smile as if I hadn’t heard, and said;

“Good as new!” handing the costume to its owner then reporting to the bathroom where I could cry my guts out.

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  1. In the time this was written, there was maybe one or two fat kids. Today, fat is normal. People are fat and drop dead. I can tell you about Miss Aggie, who smoked, she was 99 years old, thin as a rail. And we were at the funeral of a teacher, a fat teacher who died at 48. I was hiding by the wall, smoking when some one came up to berate Miss Aggie.

    Her mouth was no body’s prayer book.

  2. It is no matter people are fat or not, that’s really no matter to me, but I always wonder why they are fat? Is it a health problem or they do not care about themselves. We all know how many illnesses in perspective can come to fat people: heart, high blood pressure, diabet and so on. I just wonder do they do something about not to be fat or just complain that people mock them? It may sound a bit harsh, but my fat friend dead in enough young age. she was fat and nothing did to lose weight, always said she feels good in her body, and dead because of heart stroke. I miss her. And I would want people care more about themselves. There are great examples how fat people change their life, you need only to have a big wish.

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