Falling Star – 4

“Haley…” David always called him that, “be humble…”

He was making one of those artificial replies, his face slightly turned to David, when a fan popped up, took the photo of them talking. That picture would later appear on the SoZ Web Site.

I twas a great picture. It wasn’t posed and wasn’t awkward. He was extremely attractive in the photograph and had downloaded it and printed a hard copies because he had loved the way he looked.

He was costumed as Ares and it suited him so perfectly.

Oh, yes, he had loved how fans reacted to him as Ares. He loved everything that happened in that short block of time when it seemed he was going to be the next big thing.

It was not an hour after that photograph had been taken when David walked out of his life.

He never saw David  after that day.


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Written by jaylar