Falling Star -12

Health Pine is appearing in a play in Tulsa, where he didn’t even receive top billing. He was to be at the theatre in three hours.

He had gotten on the ‘Net to relax and saw the email.

He didn’t recognise the name of the fan, and she wrote calmly, telling him how much she enjoyed his portrayal of Ares.

Hewas so lonely he began to write a tome, describing how much he’d loved the character, how he thought it would be his big break, and how it had gone to his head.

He cursed himself for treating his fans so badly, for behaving as aprima donna, and how if he could only go back in time…

Tears rolled down his face, when he remembered how he had gone from Ares to nothing. How he had lost his best friend.

How he had nothing, no one, was no where.


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Written by jaylar

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