Falling Into Fantasy – 4

Maria, who had rarely gone to the corner shop by herself, went across town to a Club, at night. Alone, at night, to a club to see a musician called Spinner.

For the week all she could think of was Spinner.  All she dreamed of was Spinner.  She had fantasies about Spinner.

Maria was in love with Spinner.

She remembered how he met her eyes, there was so much in that gaze. She was certain he had thought of her during the week.

Maria walked to the bus stop, was left off a few blocks from the Club. She began to walk, alone at night, but with a purpose.  Finally she was there, her heart pounding.  She paid her entrance and went in, sitting as near to the front as she could.

She searched for Spinner and didn’t see him. There was an early act on, she gave them a half of an ear.

When they were done, and came off the stage, she looked for Spinner. He was at the other side of the room, talking to others, then moved to the stage and began to play.

She felt he was playing for her.

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