Falling Into Fantasy – 3

Maria left the club, and was packed into one of the cars her friends drove. They were all talking about how good Spinner played, and Maria kept agreeing.

She was dropped in front of her house, went in, and to her room, the face of Spinner, could be tattooed on her eye lids for all she could see was him.

For the entire week all she could think about, dream about, was Spinner. She wanted to go back to the Club the next Saturday. Although some of the Crowd was interested, they decided instead to see the match at the stadium.

Maria had to go back to the Club. She had to see him again. She would go, even alone. The looks that passed between her and Spinner had to mean something.

She had to see him again. He was everything she wanted.

So on Saturday, Maria would go alone to the Club to see Spinner as if they had arranged a tryst.


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Written by jaylar